Creative organisational development

– that produces effective leaders and efficient employees

– who resolve conflicts


Ribert Culture and Communication offers services and expertise in the areas of human resources development and conflict resolution.

Ribert Culture and Communication has broad experience in the management of conflicts, cross cultural and diversity awareness training and individual empowerment. Practical tools for effective and empathic communication are developed to strengthen teams and integrate the individual into the organisation which then becomes efficient and flexible.

Within the framework of the values and aims of the organisation, leaders and employees are empowered to be themselves. Each person acquires the skills to state his or her mind, to adapt and to collaborate. Conflicts are resolved and the energy is directed towards leading the organisation to its goals.

With experience in conflict mediation, multicultural awareness training and other process work, Ribert has contributed to the constructive and rapid change in both public and private organisations in Norway and has an increasing international profile.

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